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French Country Wedding Theme For Couples In Love

The French are known for their emphasis towards everything that is beautiful and are known to be more romantic at heart. Also they tend to go for the simple to the extravagant in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing to everyone. So when going through the brochures looking for a theme for you and your beloved to apply for your wedding, why not go for a French country wedding theme then.

What that implies is that the wedding has to be filled with beauty everywhere. Beauty would imply that there have to be a lot of ornaments that would be accessorizing the wedding, such as lots and lots of flowers. Those flowers would depend on the timing of the wedding, with the light colored flower bunches in times of early morning or noon, and the colors deepening as the timing of the wedding goes towards the evening and the night.

The color palettes for the French country wedding theme are lighter, with blue normally being used consistently throughout the whole set of the wedding themes by colors including the cutlery and layout of the guest tables and so on. Colors that could complement the blue color would be light as well, such as yellow and white. An amazing empire sweetheart floor-length court lace trimmed wedding dress along with a nice heart-to-heart alloy with heart austrian crystal jewelry set or the newest fall platform stiletto heel peep-toes wedding shoes are ideal for your French country wedding theme.

The wedding cakes in these sorts of themes are known to be a three tiered cake, with the colors also reflecting upon the entire wedding as a whole. The tiers are divided into the people who they are reflecting. The top tier is for the couple, the second one for the family and finally the last one for the guests and friends. Since it is a French sort of a wedding there has to be an emphasis on the pastries and desserts as well.

The dresses and suits of the bride and the groom have to follow the standards set by the French country wedding theme itself, with the bride wearing a pure white dress and the groom wearing a color in complement to her, such as lighter shades of brown and beige, with a white shirt inside, although a vest can be used instead of a coat.

The uniqueness of this theme is that is highly recommended to be an outdoor event, in a garden or an estate booked especially for the wedding. This gives the wedding a proper look. Hence after following a few of these rules, you can safely bet that this is how a French country wedding theme or a romantic wedding themewould be like.

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