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Follow The Black Tie Wedding Dress Code Accordingly

Choose black tie clothes according to the black tie theme. Wedding parties can be organized in many locations. This will determine the black tie wedding dress code style. Make sure you stick to black guidelines, if anything, you can use complements in turquoise, fuchsia, yellow and white of course, to which are added lace clothes are the rage for 2013-2014 and are already used by many celebrities worldwide. It is about time for a makeover. Do not be afraid of the uncertainty. The latest proposals are taking over. Some of the black tie clothes collections women are turning to look and which will be definitely very well in all kinds of parties are short black clothes, as well as the lace of the same color but with ¾ sleeves and very tight.  

These black tie wedding dress code models are ideal for private events can be combined with all kinds of accessories so you can look at every opportunity. Some of the celebrities who decided on these styles are Kate Moss, Mischa Barton and Britney Spears popular. A highly recommended option that will give youa fresh look is to go for event accessories; you will feel comfortable at all times while causing great feeling.

Whether looking for a black formal option or for a professional dress code style, the surprising Fashion Week in New York had a common factor in the work of several designers. Each reflects details pertaining to the 80’s; however a particular firm is distinguished above the rest.  We are talking of the renowned brand of Oscar de la Renta, who offers a  black tie clothes collection with a somber tone that was reflected not only in clothing piece  but also throughout the environment such as background music where the chorus repeating "things do not are they used to be "owned" Mercy, Mercy Me "by Marvin Gaye.

One of the most attractive black tie clothes is certainly the combination of fabrics where we see shades like black, chocolate and charcoal, which they are combined with accents of pink, fuchsia and gold up in leopard prints, a proposal to their clothing marked and narrow silhouettes. The new trend had understated designer touches and traditional characteristic of his style because of his great ability as a fusion of colors is concerned, which undoubtedly caused a great acceptance by their loyal fans. The same applies to a professional dress code!

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