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Flatter the Occasion with White Wedding Theme

The colour plain white makes a fabulous style statement. Among all the shades of colour, white is the one which displays pure timeless beauty. White wedding theme can be incorporated in any aspect of the big occasion. It is a wondrous colour for marriage in all seasons. The indoor or outdoor evening in all seasons, benefit from the simplicity and purity of white. The shades of pink, red, yellow and even blue gives a touch of sparkle to the white and best wedding themes. For this and many other reasons, couples are reclaiming white on the occasions. They never look upon the beauty of white with doubt. White with ivory cream, pure white, white with grassy green touch, does justice to the outdoor occasion’s settings at any place. But before we say more about the beauty that white displays, do you know how many shades of white are there?

  From warm white to cool, there are more than 150 shades of white that are available. Every shade of white is stunning for white wedding theme. However; choosing just the particular white that you like, is a big challenge. Each shade flatters the occasion. Let us talk about few of white shades: Stark White: Stark white is good for those who have a slightly dark skin. It will enhance the blushing look on the face of the bride. Ivory White: Ivory white is a perfect colour of wedding gown for the bride who has got a fair skin. The white colour gown will make the fair lady look all the more attractive. Diamond White:  The Diamond white wedding gown is a good choice for bride who skin is medium-toned. Bright White: Bright white complements the beauty of dark skin. The white gown should be matched with perfect accessories. However; try not to team up the white dress with too many colours. Just one or two lighter shades such as pink or sky blue would be fine. The white wedding gown can be embellished with pink crystals and pink flowers can be used in bridal bouquet.

Matching black with white will change the theme. From white wedding theme, it will get changed into black and white wedding theme. If you do not want the theme to take an altogether new direction than what you have thought of than try to blend white well. Match it with a different colour group in a way that you do not deviate from the white wedding theme.

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