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Having your wedding at the country side will give you the opportunity to show case your family traditions while at the same time add some touch of elegance. The venue is the first thing that the couples should decide upon.  Country theme weddings can be entirely outdoor events or hosted in a barn or farm house (of course you’ve got to clean to barns).  Regardless of the venue, the decor should speak volumes about the theme for the occasion. Here are a number of tips that you can use to efficiently bring out the country theme. Country theme weddings For starters, you will need to decorate the aisle. There are number of ways to accomplish this. Put tree stumps of average height besides the benches that the guests will use. On top of the stumps, place a variety of wild flowers that are indigenous to the country side in clear large vases. To present that rustic impression associated with country theme weddings, use hay bales instead of the regular benches for the guests to sit on. Have the rings delivered on the face of a sunflower. Classic idea isn’t it. The centerpieces are probably the best part in planning country theme weddings because there is so much to experiment with. Make use of big fruits like pineapples and watermelons to act as vases; just cut a small slice off the bottom of the fruits so that they can be steady when placed on a surface. Then empty the fruits out and put your flowers in. Also you can use well cut out wheat stacks that will not only function as a center piece but also as a card holder. Place a properly shaped cardboard with the table number on top of the bundle of wheat stacks.  If they are skillfully cut at the edges, they will easily stand on their own.  To add on a more country feeling, use a combination of wheat and supplementary dried grass and fasten the center with a satin ribbon. A wheat inspired “chandelier” (do not put any candles) is a unique idea that you should add on. Ask a local expert to make you one and hang them from the ceiling of the barn. Brightly colored bird houses are also good accessories for the reception area. Hang them on the walls or tree branches to enhance the homey feeling.  A horseshoe shaped wheat garland is a must have decoration at your wedding.

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