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I cannot emphasis enough on the importance of this precise detail-color- to the success of your wedding. You have to critically examine all of the options and then settle for one. Many soon to be husband and wife planning to solemnize their vows at the beach or church have gone for a blue wedding theme because it is not only easy to pull off, but also it brings elegance and a sense of royalty to the wedding. The fact that your marriage has blue as the main color theme does not mean that it should be a whole blue affair. It would be nice if you can find some other colors that match well with blue so as to accentuate it. Such tints are red, white, purple, soft or baby pink, green and yellow. Remember that these ones are only used to highlight the blue so do not overdo. There are many types of blue flowers that you can use but the most loved ones are hydrangea, delphiniums, grape hyacinth, and cornflowers. You can decide to use all of them in various parts or settle for just one or two types. A good array of flowers goes a long way in creating a nice aura. The cake and the center pieces at the reception tables are probably the two things that you can experiment the most so that you do not have a wedding theme that is not consistent. I say this because once your table, tent, aisle d├ęcor is not in harmony with the decorations on the cake or the center piece; you have failed to perfectly implement this blue wedding theme. Find a baker that has had a lot of opportunities to make blue themed cakes. Do not be compelled to select a certain design from the cake photo collection at the bakery. Take your time and go through the whole collection and then come up with your own unique cake design that suits the rest of decorations for the wedding. Since blue is a very strong color, a blue petite cake can be used to make excellent center pieces. Favors that represent the blue wedding theme are not hard to find; votives, corsages, star fish napkins, blue beach themed pen set and scented candles are only but a few examples of thank you tokens that you can present to your guest as they leave the reception area.

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