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Fashionable new couple's Christmas eve snow wedding


In western countries, Christmas means family will get together to bless for each other, enjoy the warmth of the big day. Under the influences of globalization today, our Christmas is also lively, romantic and moving. There are many new couples choosing Christmas wedding on this Day, give themselves deeper meaning and blessing. The snow in the Christmas is known as "White Christmas". At the time of snowflakes flying, the earth is silvery White, it is indicated that the lucky and happy and more the wedding symbol of "pure" White. Give yourself the most romantic beautiful love "snow".


Point out wedding theme with little detail

Silver knives and forks and candlestick make guests table bright, composing with silver Christmas balls. The Christmas wedding must be impressive. To aid small details such as snow style dinner cloth button to the wedding theme, it absolutely can make your Big Day be special.


Unified style invitation card

The colors of invitation cards’ main colors would be white light golden and slivery. The snowflake patterns are very ingenious. The new couple’s names made of CZ diamond are also very fantastic.---


They are perfectly match with snow wedding

Mistletoe and star of Bethlehem are the best element for snow wedding. They are not only containing Christmas elements but also strength the happy feelings of the wedding. Star of Bethlehem is the one flower to sacrifice the foster father of Jesus --- Santa Joseph. Besides the pure white wedding cake is no more proper to the Christmas snow wedding and the ribbons and carve patterns are pure and romantic.


Snow wedding’ multi-levels

We choose the white rose --- the symbol of pure love as the table flower with a little mistletoe. It stands for hope, loyal, eternal and happy ending. The Indian style is popular in this year. The flower decorations are also shining under the candle light.


Bell decoration/Milly’s Cupcake


Good smell soap


Gift box



They are all good gifts as return. The theme of Christmas snow wedding is elegant and romantic. Some good soaps, lovely gift boxes, sweet chocolates, bookmarks with blue tassels and shining bells are fancy reasonable and impressive choice. For example, the soap box with texture likes the lace on bridal wedding dress. The color and style match the theme of wedding. The exquisite work with sweet smell, is it the smell of love?


White Christmas by the Moody Blues

This familiar Christmas song is romantic and melodious. With the name of white Christmas, it couldn’t be better. Nobody can stop dancing with this music. Turn round and round, watch the eyes of lover, it will be the most unforgettable moment I your whole life.


A Christmas Wedding by Fiona Joy Hawkins

This piano piece is good to welcome the guests when the wedding is beginning. The quite music tells the guests that this is a romantic themed perfect wedding.

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