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Fashion Street Style - Portrays Your Identity

After every two or three years, fashion reverses, trends get change. Old fashion comes back with other new innovations and cuts. A trend of printing like screen, block, roller and stencil printing is just vanished because it takes much time and effort in printing and dying. An amazing and antique batik work is also not very famous today as computer graphics, digital printing and visual designs replaced everything. You can simply make a design in computer and print on fabric. You can get a mind blowing, intricate and interesting design in minimum time. These printed clothes and accessories are now considered as a fashion street style especially for women it is just a blessing. Her dream of matching hand bags, shoes, clutches and bracelets with her dress is actually come true.

Now you can print your handbags, clutches or even your nails according to your dress style. Girls are getting crazy about the nail art and its tools. Extra ordinary creative girls are painting on nails with remarkable designs and techniques. Nail embossing, stickers and enamels are available in variety of colors, designs and shapes. In fashion street style, nail art became one of the most attractive and desirable trend for girlies. Carrying scarves or stoles with different styles is also a new trend in women. Marbling on silk scarves looks amazing.

Skirts, frocks and shirts in cheetah and cats prints are in with furry coats and short body. For example black stockings in net, short skirt in slippery black leather, skinny shirt printed with cheetah spots, black fuzzy jacket with black booties makes you stylish and bold as well as keeps you warm. A little smoky make up and cat eyes will add a spice in your personality. Now with this look you can surely walk confidently in your street. Fashion is not only about to wear new clothes but it means how you carry an ordinary thing in stylish way. Many women purchase expensive outfit and handbags but still they won’t look fashionable because of their way of carrying.

Only a dress is not making a fashion street style. It’s your over look that makes you stylish. Branded clothes can somehow cover up your personality but you have to be very careful about your skin, hair, figure and nature. If you really want to be smart then your skin should be neat and clean acne free and fresh. Your hairs must be styled neatly. Give a wet look to your hair, it simply makes you gorgeous. If you are a working women then don’t put too much make-up every day. Eyeliner, mascara, light lip gloss and little blush on can complete your look, believe me it is not necessary to having bold eyes and lips always.

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