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Fantastic Beach Wedding Theme Decorations

Who says that he does not like water view like sea, pond and lakes etc? If you arrange your marriage in these areas definitely you maximize the fun resources. Natural beauty of sea view forms peaceful environment and your heart fills with joy. Beach wedding has been the priority of most of the people when they plan their wedding theme. The options which you have for the decoration of beach wedding are unlimited and many new ideas you can also add in it to make your party more interesting. Make a new plan for beach wedding theme decorations . Write the name of stationery that may be use for the garnishing of the venue.

 beach wedding theme decorations

Use of shells, fishes are the old ideas to décor a beach theme wedding think some other items which may be used for adornment to increase the beauty of the celebrations.  What about sand, it is available at free of cost and you make many things from it. Take sand and mix plaster of Paris in it with equal quantity now give different shapes like vase, flower pot, small huts, circles, balls etc. Paint each item with different vibrant colors and sprinkle glitters in the end. Place every decoration piece on each table and spread flowers around it. You can use big leaves too for the embellishment of the venue. Arrange big green leaves in the circle form and place centerpiece on it.

 beach wedding theme decorations 1

At reception do some extra decoration because it is main part of the venue. Fill it with lots of flowers and place the centerpieces which you have prepared on it. Put some wish cards here with many beautiful phrases and arrange a host here he will give a wish card to every guest as welcome. Hang flowers at different points in the form of fountain this will look marvelous. Golden tablecloth is a good addition use on every table and seats covers would be of blood red color. This combination will garnish your party very well. Use of golden curtain is a thoroughly new idea place at the back of the bridal stage. beach wedding theme decorations 2

Lightnings are the best beach wedding theme decorations , take small size lantern and hang in different position in the whole area. In the end enlighten all lanterns; you can change the idea by using candles. Bride will wear vibrant color outfit and the most suitable colors are turquoise and navy blue. Heavy jewelry and long heel pumps will enhance the enchanting affects.

beach wedding theme decorations 3

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