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Fairytale Wedding Theme - In the Land Of Dreams

People around the world say,” not all the dreams come true”, but if we look at it positively, there are dreams which may become reality and just wonder if that happens on the most important day of life. May not sound mature to other but Fairytale wedding theme can be a reality, purely putting in all your innovative skills and imagination at work.  It is possible only if you believe and will only add to your enthusiasm for a day which will mark the beginning of the rest of your life. This may give you an opportunity to tell your friends and family about your love story, which itself can be called as a beginning to the Fairytale.

As the theme goes, the venue can play an important role.  An ideal venue can be a heritage place in the woods, with lot of natural beauty.  The theme may sound childish but may be given a mature idea to ensure that the guests are in sync with you and your theme. A large carriage, decorated with white colored drapes and grey clothing may be arranged to carry the couple to the venue. A tinge of pink in the carriage and the gown will make the landing subtle for guests receiving you. The same carriage can be kept as the centerpiece, with a lots flowers kept and ribbons tied to the wheels and the roof. The horse can also be decorated accordingly to match the fairytale wedding ideas. The décor inside may not make it a castle but can be made to look like one. The upholstery with equal usage of the walls and the roof can make it royal, though the silver and the gold color will add to the charm and sparkle. A tinge of pink will also add to the serenity. The pure white light in the venue can make it even better to make great ambience and aura. A small kid’s game may be good idea to add to the theme.

A castle shaped cake can be a good idea considering the fairytale wedding theme and it may be a good idea to make a 3 or more than 3 tier. To make the others feel good, small castle shaped cakes on each guest table will make the statement for you. The color of the cake may be pink, and small edible flowers on the sides will give it a princely look and can become a piece of attraction. An invitation card, made on a thin wooden plank, carved for writing the program can give that look required for dream like wedding. For a unique theme like this, you may also like to consult someone to capture the moments of your life.  

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