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Factors to Consider When Choosing Mermaid Wedding Dresses

At times referred to as fit and flare dress, mermaid wedding dresses are some of the most popular with brides. The dresses are designed to hug a bride’s waist, bust and hips. They are also designed to flare out to form a wide skirt. The dresses can be made of varied fabric designed in different styles. There are several reasons why brides go for mermaid dresses instead of other types of wedding dresses. One of the reasons is the fact that mermaid dresses fit perfectly well, bringing out a bride’s hourglass figure. The dresses’ ruched top half perfectly evens out any imperfections on a bride’s upper body. Furthermore, mermaid dresses give brides the opportunity to wear heavy jewelry without the same looking heavy. wedding dress Although very popular, brides to be need to take several factors into consideration when shopping for the same. Such factors include: Style Mermaid dresses are available in different styles. Each style has its own benefits and it is upon a bride to carefully choose a style that enhances her shape. Flare Brides seriously need to consider the height of a mermaid dress flare before buying. For brides intent on attaining hourglass shape, a dress with a flare that starts at the hips will be most appropriate. For brides who plan to show off part of their body especially the backside, a mermaid dress with a flare that starts at mid-thigh will do. Mermaid wedding dresses with flares that start at the knee are generally appropriate for brides intent on presenting the traditional mermaid appearance. Flare width Flare width is a major factor when it comes to choosing the most appropriate mermaid wedding dress. Brides need to understand that choosing a dress with a slim flare width diminishes the shape of the body. On the other hand, wide flares enhance a bride’s shape. Flare fabric It is common to find the flare of a mermaid wedding dress made of the same material as that of the main dress or of a different material. Slimmer dresses re often made of silk or lace, which when worn transforms a bride to appear slimmer and taller. wedding dress   Flare with Train Brides need to consider whether or not they intend to buy mermaid dresses with or without train. In doing so, they need to appreciate the fact that dresses that feature flares with trains stand out for their classic appearance. Generally, mermaid wedding dresses are not only stylish but also flattering. Depending on overall design and style, the dresses look cool and pretty. They literally enhance a bride’s movement, portraying such movements to be flawless and graceful.

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