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Fabulous Ideas For Your Polka Dot Wedding Theme

Polka dot wedding theme is one of the rare wedding themes. Polka dot is the large dot is usually drawn for preparing a design. You can make a polka dot on your dress, on your handkerchief, on your bags, on your shoes etc. If you are planning for a special polka dot wedding theme then you can specially design for a polka dot on your things.

The atmosphere looks fabulous with a polka dot everywhere. When the bride wears a polka dot on her dress, her dress looks elegant. The bridesmaids can wear dresses of polka dots. If a bride is planning to wear a dress of polka dot, then she would wear a dress with a white background and a print of black or any other color polka dots everywhere.

The bouquet can be designed wonderfully by adding linen cloths of polka dots to the stems. When you are sending invitation cards to the guests, then they should contain a print of polka dots. The visitors can all plan to bring polka dots handkerchief for the weddings. The background can be covered with a cloth that consists of polka dots. The balloons can consist of polka dots.

You can arrange for a cake with polka dots that looks familiar to the combination used in a pink and red wedding theme and you can never view such a colorful cake anywhere. The cake should be iced with a white vanilla flavor and should be decorated with polka dots by icing it with various flavors. The polka dots can be designed or printed by using various colors also and it looks really colorful.

By adding the theme of polka dots, you can make the marriage more interesting and colorful. The crape papers that are used for decorations should also consist of polka dots. The gifts can be packed wonderfully with a glace paper of polka dots.

If you are planning for a polka dot wedding theme, then you should wisely decide about the color for polka dots. You must plan if you want to design polka dots with homogeneous colors of different colors. You must also decide the background color. The color of the background should suit the color of the polka dot. If you are deciding about the right color combination, only then the theme of polka dot wedding looks wonderful and realistic. The bridesmaids appear wonderful by wearing the same dresses of polka dots. The polka dot wedding is really appreciated by people who love variety in their colored themed wedding.

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