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Fabulous Bling Egyptian Wedding Theme For Your Big Day

If you are deciding a wedding theme for your marriage based upon any nationality, then Egyptian wedding theme is one of the excellent themes. If you are deciding about an Egyptian wedding theme, then the most common aspect that touches the mind is the Egyptian pyramid. As the Egyptian pyramid is beautifully decorated, you can also keep for display a pyramid-like structure that is beautifully decorated.

You may also celebrate your marriage in a typical Egyptian style. Usually, you can arrange for plants and pots of plants besides your marriage seat. You can prepare handicrafts and decorative items in the shape of pyramid structure. If you are preparing a bouquet, then you can place the pyramid structure made from thick paper besides the bouquet. The Egyptians usually worship their Goddess and you can keep for display the statue of an Egyptian Goddess. The Egyptians celebrate their marriages in a traditional way. The attire of the bride, bridesmaids and the bridegroom is slightly traditional.

In a typical royal wedding theme like this, the bridesmaids usually sit down on the floor besides the seat of the bride and the men usually are in a standing position. You can arrange for the same pose during the wedding.

During the Egyptian wedding, the party spa is one of the most common features and hence you can arrange for that. Sphinx is one of the most common aspects of Egyptian culture. Hence you can place such items for display. Or else, you can arrange for a cake that is sphinx in shape. You can also arrange for peacock-feather like items for display. You can arrange in large trays, the peacock-feather like cookies.

The Egyptians mostly use light blue color and hence you can wear shoes, accessories, hair bands of blue color. You can also arrange for Egyptian molded cookies. The Egyptian bride usually applies a lot of make-up over her face and hence you can also apply dark color lipsticks, glosses, eyebrows and some jewelry for your hair. Then, you perfectly look like an Egyptian bride. As an Egyptian bride, you must wear long earrings, necklace with two or three beads, and bracelets. If you wear chiffon wedding dress, then you perfectly look like an Egyptian bridesmaid.

You must wear three-piece necklaces to look more beautiful and attractive in your bling wedding theme. You can also wear a hair fringe and you look fabulous like an Egyptian Queen. Wearing a snake armband is also an indication of typical Egyptian wedding theme culture.

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