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Fabulous 50 S Wedding Theme

Some styles get extra fame due to elegant look similarly, 50 s wedding theme has many charm for the wedding planner and its viewer. It is the era after 2000 and we are living in 2013 if you will see the comparison there are lots of changes in the lifestyle of a man due to the development of the technology as well as burden of lots of work. When you see the 1950s epoch you notice a graceful and tension free life and this thought is also present in the wedding of that time. The style attracts too much therefore mostly people want to apply the same marriage ideas in their wedding event. When you have decided to opt for the 1950s wedding theme in your celebration it is really a fabulous idea that will give an unusual party appearance.

50 s wedding theme

Focus on dresses, high class music, addition of vintage items and the overall look of the 1950s way of leading the life to obtain top wedding themes. It is not a difficult work, just see the pictures, movies of that decade and get inspiration from the cars used, outfit designing, shoes style, hairstyle, colors and the prints of fabric. Start designing the invitation, you have many ideas for this such as you can print the image of top stars of the decade either they are from any field. If you are fond of movies you can paste the picture of the hit film star on the invitation card likewise if you are fan of any sports player you can paste his photograph or image to show the wedding theme.

50 s wedding theme 1

Balloon-skirt wedding gown, tea-length outfit in a retro-1950s cut, boat-neck gown were common designs of the dresses. For your wedding event you can select any style of dress but balloon-skirt gown is ideal for the bridal use. Decorate gown with delicate lace, pearls, diamonds or ribbon matched with the theme. Another option for the bride’s outfit is the selection of white color long frock with the addition of a blue ribbon. This ribbon would tie around the waistline and the bride will appear as a princess. It is a miraculous and unique wedding theme that will provide more fun to the participants by the change look of the celebration. Birdcage veil was an important item of the garnishing of the bridal’s hair and the preparation of a bride is incomplete without it.

50 s wedding theme 2

Select dainty pumps to obtain the magical and actual affect of the 1950s style.  In this decade the pink Cadillac was too much in as wedding gateway car in the epoch of 50s. Apply the same vision to give the complete explanation of 50s wedding theme.

50 s wedding theme 3

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