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Extravagant Carnival Themed Wedding

Every culture is different and has some specific traditions and customs that reflect the life style of their people. Carnival is a big event of the Philippine and they celebrate it with pomp and shows. It remains for almost ten days and ends on the Tuesday generally. You are in search of a tremendous wedding arrangement do not worry the best choice is the carnival themed wedding that has unlimited charm in it. Carnivals are not limited to only one country, the people having same faith celebrate it and enjoy a lot. As you know that a carnival is the combination of lots of entertaining activities and if you are selecting it as your wedding theme you must have to give similar thought in it.

carnival themed wedding

Arrange a big area for the event and try to give many concepts here such as for the kids set some barn yard animals which are too much attractive for small guys.  If animals are well trend and can show some special activities that would really give endless fun to the children. For grown up bull riding, horse riding, hunting are most suitable games and they will enjoy very much that they did not feel in any marriage occasion.  You can set a photo booth where all guests will get candid shots with bridal couple. These photos will present to guests as a wedding favor and it will be in their memory.

carnival themed wedding 1

What about caricature idea? Definitely it would be a great addition in your wedding party. The bride, groom and the participants of the marriage will enjoy this unique idea. A carnival wedding theme setup completes with the jugglers, clowns, fire blowers and air balloon for a magical ride. The presence of all these items will enhance the attraction of the party and everyone will feel that he is not only enjoying a wedding celebration but more than it. Carnival ideas are unlimited but you have to arrange according to your budget because you are going to enjoy not taking burden on your shoulder. Do everything within your range and be happy.

carnival themed wedding 2

The concept of spending too much money in a wedding is totally wrong. In an average budget plan the whole event with lots of entertainment and believe that it is not impossible because creativity does not require heavy amount of money. You simple and inexpensive carnival themed wedding can prove itself a whimsy and snazzy marriage concept. Add culture affects in the carnival theme because it is essential for creating a real image of the celebration.

carnival themed wedding 3

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