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Extraordinary Wedding Invitations Theme

A wedding is incomplete without the presence of guests and guests come only when they are invited. Now guess, what would you use to invite guests to your wedding? Well, an invitation perhaps! Yes, you would send them invitation and the most common way to invite friends to event is by sending them an invitation card. Now when the traditional weddings have shifted from normal wedlock to modern themes, the invitations also have taken the shape of themed invitation. Whenever we talk about wedding theme, we also discuss the wedding invitation themes. The style of invitation could match with the theme of wedding or the wedding invitation theme could be different from the style that you have decided for the actual event. Whatever way you choose to invite friends, it needs to be unique and extraordinary in order to be categorized in the idea of wedding invitations theme. It should be something that attracts them to the event. The theme of invitation should create excitement about the function in the hearts of one and all. It should create a curiosity in the mind of all to an extent that they start counting days to be present on the occasion. Moreover, the wedding invitation theme card that you decide to send should be so adorable that your friends decide to store it with them as a keepsake. It should remind them of your friendship, love and affection. You can think of anything that inspires you. For example, think of nature, does nature inspires you to an extent that the same can be used as a theme for the invitation card? Do you get attracted to funny events like circus? If yes, than you can design the card in the shape of a joker. Are you a big fan of designer labels on the purse and other items that you have? If yes, than the same can be the wedding invitations theme of your card. Design it in the shape of designer purse. Bird cage, cartoon pictures, Hollywood tickets, birthday balloon, report cards at school, game of chess, design of cake and cookies, whatever attracts you can be used as a design for the card.

From traditional newspaper designs to current designs of social media sites, you can get inspiration from any ordinary to odd thing and replicate the same in the wedding theme invitations. Scroll, surf, look everywhere and pick the best idea.  

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