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Exquisite Indian Wedding Themes

Indian wedding themes are popular throughout the world for their rattling way of marriages and the use of vibrant colors. Generally Indian marriages prolong for a week and consist upon various parts of the event. All of the closer relatives and friends of bride and groom participate in marriage planning, decoration and the setting of each part of the wedding. If you are applying the Indian way of marriage first of all focus on colors. Traditionally gold and red colors are used frequently for bridal attire, wedding decoration and the reception setting. These colors are considered as symbol of good start of their new life.

indian wedding themes

Indian style of marriages has importance among various Asian wedding theme because of its presentation and the customs which are followed in every wedding. Flowers are the essential item of the Indian celebration either it is before of the wedding day or for the wedding venue even flowers are used in the decoration of the bridal couple room. Carnation, baby roses, lilies, orchids, garlands and roses are freely used for the decoration of the party. To present the Indian theme select golden tablecloth and red chair covers. Place red flower vase and garnish with garlands and roses, you can add big size leaves too in vase.

indian wedding themes 1

Vintage themed weddings are the part of Indian wedding style and there are unlimited ideas for this such as hang a fountain made up of flowers in the center of the venue. It would be a great decoration item of your marriage celebration. Place small bulbs on every floor of fountain and give the romantic touch of your occasion. Heavy jewelry is considered essential for Indian marriages and the tradition is that the gold jewelry is given to bride as a gift from her parents. Choose heavy design for bridal ornament to get the real look of an Indian bride.

indian wedding themes 2

The menu of Indian marriage is consisted upon traditionally spicy dishes such as biryani,qorma with bread and custard or kheer as the sweet dish. The guests are given much importance from the host who are generally the bride’s relatives. Indian wedding has divided in four main parties; these are mayoon, mehndi, baarat and valima reception. Except these four celebrations in a marriage event there are lots of traditions which are applied before, during and after these events. Indian wedding themes if applied in real ways forms a whimsy environment which attracts everyone towards party.

indian wedding themes 3

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