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Express Your Everlasting Love at Rose Wedding Theme

If there is any occasion which can make you fall in love again than it is none other than staging or attending a rose wedding theme. Roses are the symbols of love and romance. Roses also symbolize perfection. Rose wedding theme is a way to express your everlasting love in front of all your near and dear ones. Beautiful roses give a fairytale feel to the occasion. The gorgeous rose wedding can be themed along the colours of this beautiful flower such as red, pink, yellow and white. Choices can sometime be confusing, so you can pick any of the rose colour as the main bloom and team it up with other ivory roses, lots of greenery and peonies.

The florists provide so many useful ideas about the soft roses which you can utilize on your rose wedding theme. After you choose the main colour among red, pink, yellow and white rose, try t be consistent in using it in every small detail from invitations to the guests favours.  The roses from the avalanches can be used to decorate the sash on brides dress, center tables at the venue, and the wedding cake. The Rosy Wedding Dress The rose wedding theme can be easily designed around the wedding dresses. You can have a pink or white rose around the middle of your bridal gown. The Rose Wedding Cake You can make a three tier cake and cover it in ivory rose as decoration. You can fluster the rose petals on the table where you place the cake. The beautiful roses can also be used to decorate spongy cup cakes.  Serve the signature rose Champagne along with the cake.

The Rosy Decoration Rose unity candles, rose guest book, rose pillows, rose flower baskets can be used to decorate the centre tables for guests. Add rose pedals to the aisle and place rose cards and rose balls on the tables. Use tea lights around the rose pedals. The tea lights are one of the most romantic yet economical choices for decorating the venue of rose wedding theme. For a grand entrance at the reception, you can arrange for a rose pedal drop on the way till you walk to the reception area.

The Rosy Favors Nothing compares the beauty and fragrance of rose ball candles as a favour for the guests. Rose candles are romantic and elegant choice as guest’s favours. On many online shopping stores, these scented candles are available in individual gift boxes.

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