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European honeymoon can’t miss beautiful river

In the world in the state, European rivers, distribution is uniform and dense river network, water is more than enough, which is short of water abundant rivers. River mostly originated in central Europe, into the Atlantic, the arctic ocean, respectively, the Caspian sea, the black sea and the Mediterranean. Europe is the longest river in the volga, 3690 km long. The Danube is the second river 2850 km long.


European topography is smooth, dense river network. Along with the river meandering, represents a beautiful beautiful scenery. The famous American travel magazine "Kant nast traveler magazine for tourists in Europe are the most charming scenery section. In the list of the five rivers, including the Danube, beauty for river, the Rhine, mosel and the Seine.


The Danube is the second longest river in Europe, shipping rather busy. It originated in southwest Germany black forest of the mountains, and then toward the southeast through about 2850 km, eight countries and four seat after the capital, and finally into the black sea. Want to see the most beautiful Danube river section, it will have to go to Austria, to see is located in MEL g and clay, clay's between the river valley, the span about 37 kilometers. Tile river on both sides are the famous historical sites, have been the United Nations in the world cultural heritage list. In such as the fairyland tile river valley, be sure not to miss the vineyards and the monastery. In the charming's Thai for town, from the Danube river shore walk 25 minutes, along the ascent climbed to the medieval Kuenringer castle ruins, at present of the Danube beauty absolutely let you linger.


Beauty for river is the largest tributary of the Rhine river, flows in southwest Germany charming forest zone. When the river flows through the rich in minerals ShiPei Sartre mountains, the river became auburn. Because of the most beautiful scenery beautiful river a long about 32 kilometers, is located in the mill teng office and waite between haim. In the mill teng office town, must go to Germany's oldest pub Zum Riesen, a cup of local brewing Faust beer or local red wine.


For 560 kilometers of the Mosel originate from North-East France, along the Luxembourg border into Germany, then after winding in cobb coherence and meet the Rhine. The most charming scenery Moselle River is located in Germany's Koch and Bain Castel between, about 72 km long. Koch's the travelers often stay town. Here was Vermont castle is worth watching, because few seat Crusades castle can like the castle, romantic. The castle was Vermont numerous, in Koch's city is particularly high. In addition, the distance Koch's less than ten kilometers of Bayer Steinbach, because although the little-known, but is well worth a visit, as was the German save the most well-preserved medieval town. But most don't ship dock for Bayer Steinberg, can drive to.

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