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A peacock wedding theme is based on the basic principle of the peacock bird itself. All aspects of your wedding should clearly symbolize the bird from its vibrant colors to the feathers themselves. The colors that you are most likely to use in order to bring out this particular theme are pink, yellow, purple, red, blue and lavender. Find a mix that does it for you as you do not have to use all the colors at once. An invitation with these designs is catchy to the eye and leaves its holder with anticipation to see what is in store come the day for the wedding.

A bride that wants to totally get through with this peacock wedding theme should also dress the part. Your gown should be embellished with some feather design. Your maids’ dresses should be of the same color, different designs but with some aspect of the pretty bird. For instance choose lavender or purple as the color of the fabric, then have your designer make a couple of one-shoulder dresses, another few v-shaped, and off shoulder dresses depending on the number of ladies. Shoes, clutch bags (if you will carry) should all have a peacock feather. Your hair accessories such as hair combs and clips also should be adorned with feather decorations. Even though the groom and his men do not need a lot of the feathers they should not be left out; a simple, elegant boutonniere will do.

The most important jewelry of the day has to be put in a pillow ring that goes hand in hand with the rest of the décor. Just like any other accessory, these gem holders come in a variety of colors and sizes. Again it is all about what the couple desire so long as the peacock wedding theme is upheld.

At the reception is where you get to unleash all the happy surprises to the people in attendance. If yours will be at dusk, a feather chandelier is a must have. Ask your retailer to get one that can hold several bulbs and then fix it with complimenting bulbs that will illuminate a nice blend of peacock colors. Fix this chandelier at the center of the room to act as a center piece for other chandeliers. Have fun preparing a peacock wedding theme for your big day and you sure will have a unique and memorable one.

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