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Enlighten Your Wedding With Purple Wedding Themes

Purple color is considered as the most regal, romantic and fresh color. Moreover, the purple color flatters to all tones of the skin. This is why purple color is given a lot of priority in wedding preparations and arrangements. Different themes are now being introduced with special effects of purple color to enhance the glamor and charm of the wedding function. There are different shades of purple color, all of which can be used on wedding functions. The thing that decides which shade of purple is to be used in the wedding theme is mainly time of the year in which wedding is being organized. The shades of purple used in the spring are lavender and lilac. In summer, bright hues of purple color are mostly used. Similarly, dark purple and royals are mainly used for fall and winter season. Mixing these shades is also a very good idea to make the purple wedding themes look more colorful and fresh. In this way, you can add colors and elegance to your purple theme for wedding. Another idea for making the purple theme enhanced is to add other colors into purple colors. Silver, ivory, cream, gold, lemon yellow and lime green are the best to be used with shades of purple.

Wedding invitations are always considered as an attraction for the guests to any ceremony. So, one best feature of the purple wedding themes is the variety of shades that can be used in the invitations card of wedding ceremony. Dark purple printing on the paper of ivory color can make the best invitation card for a wedding with the purple theme. Wedding favors in purple color are the way to please your guests as well as show your passion for the purple color. The purple color can also be used to wrap these favors.

The decoration has always been a difficult task for arrangements of a wedding. In a purple wedding theme, the items used for the decoration must be used in the purple color. Nothing can be more enchanting and refreshing than floral arrangement of purple color. This provides you with much unique floral decoration. Some of these flowers include lilies, phlox, sweat peas, iris, freesia, tulips and asters. Cupids or hearts of silver and golden color can be used as additional decoration for some glitter. This decoration is economical as well as beautiful to add up to the beauty of the purple theme of your wedding.

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