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Planning  fall wedding themes can be a fun activity mostly because of the many different color combinations that you can use so before settling for any color scheme try out a few of them and find the one that suits the mood that you want to put across. So which are these colors that are good for a fall wedding? Let’s find out. Many people that have wedded at this particular season opt for orange and brown as their main colors. With orange, you can mix it up with greens or red, brown color is mostly blended with mocha color. For those couples that want to really spice up their day, use a combination of purple and brown. The colors may appear too dark for the occasion but once you bring them together in the decor, the final output will simply be breath taking. When selecting the colors for the day, it is safer to limit yourself to two perfectly blending colors. At most, work with three of them so that you don’t appear to be disorganized. fall wedding themes Success stories from couples that went through with fall wedding themes suggest these occasions be held outdoors for the perfect autumn scenery. The falling foliage from various trees provides an already beautiful background and carpeting so all you need is to make a few other decorations and your venue will be complete. A wedding without any floral arrangements is not a complete wedding to many folks.  Majority of couples who work with fall wedding themes choose to go with roses and daises. But there are still others like mums and tallow berries that would be elegant for this type of theme. Natural wheat is easy to find at this time and incorporating it to your bouquet or other flowers is a good way to add accents. Also use raffia, pine cones and maple leaves to highlight and add flavor to your flowers. Autumn is associated with harvest and it is for this reason that fall wedding themes never fail to have a variety of farm produce such as fresh fruits. Orange pumpkins are an all time favorite to many but you can have the white or blue ones for a more refined atmosphere. An emptied gourd or pumpkin can make a unique vase to be used to hold flowers that will be put as center pieces. Fresh fruits also make unique center pieces if put in a variety of china designs.

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