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Enjoy Christmas Themed Wedding in Summers

Christmas is one of the most romantic times of a year and the festival gives plenty of ideas to stage a Christmas themed wedding. Christmas is a religious ceremony in which we get to hear and enjoy the sweet carols. You can pick your favourite carol theme for Christmas wedding and let all the guests join you in singing aloud. Imagine the scene when all the guests will make a circle around the couple and sing carols. How wonderful that moment will be for all! Not just one but you will get plenty of such wonderful moments in your Christmas themed wedding. Here are the tips to celebrate a magical wedding ceremony based on the theme of Christmas: Create the Environment of Winter Wonderland White snow, Church bell, Christmas carols and gifts by Santa Claus create the majestic environment of winters. And the colour which rules this superb aura of winters is deep red, pure white and claret. Christmas themed wedding is very different from the otherwise common summer themes like wedding at forests, wedding at vineyard and wedding at barns. Use the Light and Bright Christmas Colours Use deep red, pure white and claret colour to create the feel of Christmas at your wedding venue. Cover the roof of hotel, restaurant or even the tent if you stage your wedding in an open ground, with red ribbons. Cover the floor of the place with red carpet. Place the jar of red candies on the centre tables. Cover the top of tables with white satin cloth. Let the cake be designed in the shape of Santa’s sleigh. Place a Christmas tree at the entrance of the reception venue. Serve the Light and Nice Christmas Menu Serve a Christmas dinner to all with mulled wine. Serve smoked salmon as the starter. Serve roast turkey, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, roast parsnips in the main course. Choose Christmas pudding to be served as a Christmas dessert. Distribute lot of candies and chocolates to all. Distribute Colourful Christmas Favours Square box with lid containing chocolate hearts wrapped in silver and golden net and decorated with golden jingle bells is a wonderful idea for Christmas themed wedding favor etiquette to guests. A rectangular box with so many small and pretty things such as bubble pots, scented candles, reindeer noses, Christmas stockings and wrapped roll of coins is an amazing idea for Christmas favours.

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