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Enjoy Alice in Wonderland Wedding Theme in Your Own Marriage Event

In fact Alice in wonderland is a great computer animated fantasy film which has been written by Linda and released by Walt Disney Pictures. If you have selected Alice in wonderland wedding theme for your own event it’s really a good idea that provides a new concept for marriage occasion. Alice in wonderland was a live action film that has gained the popularity among people because of its beautiful presentation.  If you are a biggest fan of this movie select it as your wedding theme and prove your creativity and uniqueness. See the film carefully and note down what you can include in your party easily to get the same look.

alice in wonderland wedding theme

First design the invitation and show the important character of the movie on it. Blue, green, yellow and pink are the suitable color for the theme. You can get the printed invitations from the market because these are easily available. The bride will attire in the same way presented in the movie and the whole appearance will also be the same that everyone could understand the concept of your wedding. The venue must contain the fountain, beautiful green grass and the appealing flowers to give the actual view of the movie. Playing cards are necessary to include in your wedding plan as well as some flowers from the garden which Alice stumbles upon.

alice in wonderland wedding theme 1

In this theme the role of bridesmaid and groomsmen are very important and they start to walk down the aisle in the form of pair. The dresses of bridesmaid should match with the pastel colors as present on the invitation. All the groomsmen will wear the large hat in the ceremony. The floral decoration gives the marvelous look and a bouquet of red roses will be given to the bride whereas groom will pin a single red rose to his coat. The bride and groom will give the impression of king and queen.

alice in wonderland wedding theme 2

Alice in wonderland wedding theme  is marvelous and if applied well, gives extraordinary view and feeling. The participants not only enjoy more but they also keep your wedding in their memory due to the pleasant moments they entertained.  The essential part of the theme is the arrangement of the tea party that provides energy from time to time. Music, games, food and drinks offers guests to make the while full of happiness. Do not forget to hire a photographer to save every moment of your wedding.

alice in wonderland wedding theme 3

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