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Enchanting Tea Party Wedding Theme

The tea party wedding theme is normally incorporated in bridal showers but if you don’t want to go too serious or showy about your wedding you can do great with this simple tea party themed wedding. There are always best wedding themes available but I believe that going simple is the most amazing trick because simplicity is the best policy and this is what creates difference. Tea party theme is easy to arrange because we keep on incorporating this theme in birthday parties and other normal parties so because of lots of tea party ideas and material available in the market you can manage your wedding to be the best tea party your guests have ever attended.

tea party wedding theme

The tea party wedding theme can however incorporate few other themes in it like Alice and the wonderland, vintage and a rustic tea party wedding theme but if you don’t want to go highly thematic in your wedding and stay simple and calm you can stick to few favorite and affordable things. You can wear a white colored dress with a cute birdcage veil or if you want to go all graceful and want to be a shy bride go for using a complete and proper veil.

tea party wedding theme 1

You can offer hats to your guests and snap great wedding theme pictures with everyone wearing cute and funky hats giving your wedding a touch of Alice and the wonderland. In a tea party themed wedding you have to be very careful regarding your menu whereas put special work into the tea part of your wedding. You can set a tea table where you can keep different kinds of fresh tea herbs along with hit water and tea cups so that your guests can come and select their favorite herbs and then put them into the hot water to taste their favorite herb in the freshest form.

tea party wedding theme 2

Serve coffee cups covered with caramel wafers which will work as coffee warmers whereas hazelnut cheese squares are mesmerizing option to be placed in desserts. Chocolate covered cherries can also do great however the tea part themed wedding can do great with favors as you can present your customers with packaged tea placed inside a jar with thank you printed on it. Bride can receive amazing thematic gifts as the tea party bride goes in the flow to get antique cup and saucer set as a gift and at the end a little note of suggestion for you is that don’t get too much involved into tea that you leave out the main traditional drink and that is wine.

tea party wedding theme 3

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