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Enchanting and Amazing Ocean Wedding Theme

does not need to say that a wedding idea is the top most priority of everyone’s wedding especially when he is going to be married. All types of marriage ideas you will found in different magazine and on the sites too but when you apply your own thoughts in it you get marvelous event and the guests’ praise of your nice choice and management. Ocean wedding theme  is such an idea that has endless opportunities for decoration, venue arrangement and for the bridal outfit. Nothing is better than water to include in marriage occasion because it forms a relaxed, peaceful and joyful environment.

ocean wedding theme

The beautiful waves show the fabulous scene that attracts every viewer. If you are thinking about the most suitable color for this theme bring the scene of ocean in your mind and notice which colors you are observing, note them and use in your wedding arrangement. Generally aqua, sea foam green and turquoise colors reflect the water shades so you can opt any of them or can use the combination of colors. Obtain the appearance of your celebration in a meaningful way that can provide a full of fun atmosphere to the whole participant of the event.

ocean wedding theme 1

Bridal dress can be prepared in aqua color and the contrast jewelry will enhance the beauty of bride. Sea items jewelry is also available in market and you can select for the marriage occasion. Same color sandal with thin strips is a great combination with dress. Crystal ornament will also suitable for bridal embellishment and she will appear as mermaid who is considered as the sign of beauty. If you are arranging your wedding event in summer season, choose lightest fabric like chiffon with sleeveless design. Wedding favors are the simple way to make an important place in the memory of guests. A showpiece of the star shape is also a good wedding favor and you can give it as a gift to all participants of the event.

ocean wedding theme 2

You can suggest key-chain of fish shape either starfish or sea-horse as wedding favor. Pack them in aqua colored gift paper. For ocean wedding theme  include sea food in the menu your guests will enjoy it a lot. When you plan decoration you have a simple idea to add a tropical fish for large display at reception with colorful fish. It will show the wedding theme in your party. The idea to include aquariums in the wedding venue is great. Place small aquarium on every table and create a difference among other marriage ideas.

ocean wedding theme 3

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