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Enchanting Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding

Alice is intelligent, funny and genuine whereas her life is as dreamy as it could be that she couldn’t believe that whatever happening to her is real. Alice in the wonderland is a wonderful story because of the dreaminess, love and care portrayed in her story where bad is also treated as good and in Alice’s wonderland no one dies because no one deserves to die instead  it is a peaceful and blissful land of wonders.  I believe that wedding is a big and great day of one’s life and it should be celebrated with all the feel and grace present in this world whereas if you want to do a thematic dreamy and angelic wedding Alice in wonderland themed wedding is the best available option for you.

alice in wonderland themed wedding

The Alice in the wonderland themed wedding is quite fun to arrange because you get to experiment with all those things which you cannot do in any other wedding like on the tables for guests to give it the touch of Alice and wonderland wedding theme you can put normal sized cups and then you can put one large cup like a flower planter and then you can accompany the tea cups with small cups that of a doll house. Use mismatched dinner sets keep things little messy like even in case of chairs and tables you can keep them disorganized.

alice in wonderland themed wedding 1

The old crashed wood can give another effect of Alice and the wonderland whereas give the first hit of your theme by printing old messy clocks on your invitation card or you can even keep the front page of invitation with a large clock printed on it showing the time of your wedding. The Alice in wonderland wedding theme refers to tea party so make sure that your buffet is also in relevance with the theme.

alice in wonderland themed wedding 2

You can go greater in your wedding if your wedding is in winters because then you can arrange all the Alice and wonderland setup outdoor whereas select a place with lots of trees in it so that it gives image of a rabbit hole and may be any cute girl present at your wedding encounters a cute bunny on her way to take her down to the rabbit hole. White horse is must in winter Alice wedding to accompany you whereas flamingos in the garden can also do great while chess cards, hats and other kind of Alice things could be used in the decorations.

alice in wonderland themed wedding 3

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