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Enchanted Wedding Theme- The Celebrations at an Enchanted Land

If you want to make your guests feel delightful at your wedding then choose an enchanted wedding theme such as Vintage wedding, Goth wedding, Rockabilly wedding, Garden wedding and the Forest wedding. The list of enchanted theme does not just end here. For you can also choose from the butterfly theme and rustic countryside wedding. The most popular wedding on enchanted wedding theme however is the forest theme. The idea behind forest theme is either to give the venue as natural look as possible and make it look like a real forest or to stage the wedding in the actual forest in spring or summer. Beauty of forest will enhance your special day. Forest is a place where the love and blessings from God radiate from every of his magical creation.

Enchanted wedding theme of a forest is all about staging a beautiful, natural and relaxed wedding that acknowledge your friends and family. Your guests would feel as if they have been transported to an enchanted land for celebrating the enchanting wedding theme. Your family and friends in the forest would feel that rest of the world does not exist for a day except the magical gathering in the majestic forest. To start with this theme, you must find a location inside the forests with quirky rustic feel, where there are lots of trees around, and the possibility of camping. Decorate the place with lots of buntings, flags, blooming stunning flowers and seed bombs..

Enchanted wedding theme such as a forest wedding theme spreads the ideas of eco-friendliness among one and all who attend such occasion. So try to use recycled material for decoration. Choose local flowers, native seeds, sustainable food, recycled fabric for dresses, thinks of any idea which is eco-friendly and deploy it in your wedding. In fact instead of using the stylish wedding cards choose to go with hand-made cards. Use the bare minimum material such as paper, scissors, glue and few colours to make the invitation card for the guests to invite them on the occasion. This enchanted wedding theme takes off all your worries which relate to deciding about the menu for the occasion. Since you are spreading the message of eco-friendliness, so you can order the vegetarian food. You can include salads of green, leafy vegetable; you can include fresh fruits in the menu list. For drinks, you can use fruit juice, the cocoa and team for guests. Let your hair down and get back to the eco friendly menu in the natural forest wedding. After all, it is not difficult to manage the natural things.

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