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Employee Dress Code Policy For Businesses To Look Professional

Every business must impose employee dress code policy to have a decent environment in the office and what the employees wear in the office affects the reputation of the business or the owner itself. It is strictly impose that all the employees are required to adhere to the employee dress code policy that has been set by the company. Each employee is given a handbook as a guide on the appropriate dresses to wear in the office. This handbook is given by HR to the employees and they see to it that the employees respect the employee dress code policy by dressing the required business professional dress code.

What is the business dress code that employees must follow? Dress code policy differs from company to company depending on their kind of business if they just work in an environment that does not assist any clients. But then, to have decency in the workplace the employees dress code policy must be followed. The standard professional look for business attire is a white button up long sleeves shirts that you can pair with a jacket or a blazer. If you want to use a sleeveless blouse then you need to use a cardigan or a blazer.

For the bottom wear, you can wear a smart casual dress code such as semi formal pants and skirts that is one inch above the knee. The appropriate shoes are peep-toes or closed toe shoes and sling back heels. Wear polished and clean shoes. When you wear a makeup it must be in a light shade and it must not be too heavy. For the jewelries just use simple ones and not bold jewelries. If you want to add a fashionable touch in your business attire you can add a scarf.

You can never go wrong on what to wear in a business dress code because there are guidelines on what not to wear in the employee dress code policy. An employee has no reason to go out of bound wearing inappropriate dress code clothing. In a workplace you are not allowed to wear skirts that are extremely short paired with see through blouses. Exercise pants, leg warmers, beach dresses and spaghetti dresses are not allowed. For the footwear you are not allowed to use flip flops or open toes flat shoes. Clothes that are frayed, worn and torn are definitely not allowed.

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