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Emerald Green Wizard Of Oz Wedding Theme Ideas For You

As you know that, the Wizard of Oz is a story that has rocked the public and readers for many years. It is a story with many characters and hence if you are planning for a Wizard of Oz wedding theme, then you can plan for different characters in the movie and tell your friends, visitors, and inmates to choose different types of roles. The Wizard of Oz wedding theme is really an interesting and great wedding themes and hence each one can play characters such as Dorothy, Aunt, Wizard, Scarecrow, Tinman, Winged Monkey etc.

You can celebrate your Wizard of Oz wedding theme outdoors in the forest by planning properly because the story begins and ends in the forest. If you are choosing this wedding theme, then you can design the emerald city where everyone arrives. You can arrange for a wonderful cake and show the icing of a men and women on the top layer of the cake showing the character of Dorothy.

You can arrange for the ruby slippers worn by Dorothy that seem magical. The bride can dress up like Glenda who is considered as great and the powerful. The bride can wear rich costumes on her face by wearing feathers on her head and to her shoulders. She can be beautifully dressed up in green and black costumes. Let the green color resemble the Emerald green. You can wonderfully arrange for a dining table with emerald green cloth by placing emerald green handkerchiefs on it. You can place a golden charger on the tabletop, with floral patterns on the table and serving a green color juice to the guests.

You can wonderfully prepare a Wizard of Oz wedding theme bouquet by adding many types of flowers such as Passion Growers. You can place a wonderful plate with forks and spoons around and a letter to Dorothy placed on the plate.

The bride can wear a very lengthy gown also that extends on the floor. You can also arrange for the wedding garter. You can place a wonderful cake on the table by placing an apple on it. The wedding desert table seems to be very beautiful and wonderful on the day with the movie themed wedding inspired Wizard of Oz filled with savories, cupcakes, pastries etc. you can also prepare a wonderful cake in the shape of a forest and an emerald green layer on the top and ruby slippers at the side. If you are celebrating it outdoors, you can even arrange for a yellow brick road.

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