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Easy to Match, Go Blazer, Go Blazer!

Spring is in the air. I could not wait towear less to enjoy sunshine. However, cold air in the morning reminds me oflate spring cold could come any minute. So, I ran to my closet and tried tofind a coat which could help me again chilly morning. My friends feel sosurprised at my old-fashioned and dark colored trench and coat. As thetrendsetter in the neighborhood, she always know what fashion is going on, whatcolor is out of date. I took her advice of very famine shade blazers. With her explanation,I finally understand why blazers are so rock these years. It is easy to matchwith other outfits.

White Blazer:https://www.tbdress.com/product/Lovely-Slim-Double-Breasted-Girl-Suit-10697291.html

Middle Pink Blazer:https://www.tbdress.com/product/Pretty-Korean-Style-Slim-Suit-Large-Size-Long-10697345.html

Right Top Blazer:https://www.tbdress.com/product/Pretty-Korean-Style-Slim-Suit-Large-Size-Long-10697345.html

Right Botton Pumps:https://www.tbdress.com/product/Sexy-Shiny-Rhinestone-Metal-Stiletto-Heel-Prom-Evening-Shoes-4-Colors-10877604.html

So easy to match as you can see the set.Airy blouse, simple top, t-shirt, shorts, jeans and even siamese trousers workvery well with blazers. Blazers are everything in spring. However, it does notmean blazers can give you gorgeous look always. Color, style, fabric and even detailingmatter.

Black and white is the great colorcontrast. It’s a classic match. Cannot be wrong like always. To extend suchrule, using color similar to replace black and white is a good option, likedark blue for black, ivory for white. If your blazers go other solid color, payattention to your inside wearing. Make sure the color matching is harmonious. Ifyou are not sure what harmony refers to, try contrast or similar color shade. Checkthe middle model’s choice, soft pink top and similar colors blazer is theperfect match. With light pink orange short, it is an amazing outfit look.

Detailing and embellishments are good concerns.Sometimes, detailing gives different touch to the blazer. The stand-up collarwhite blazer delivers more boy-sense. While detailing on the shoulder lookinglike a badge adds masculine sense. Meanwhile, cuffs in the latest fashion allturn up. It looks more experienced office-lady style. If that is the style youwant, do not miss out such design.

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