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Dress Right With The Semi Formal Dress Code

Semi formal dress code is the most used dress requirement for many occasions for instance cocktail party, holiday dinner, wedding, anniversary party and business events. Bear in mind that a semi formal dress code is neither a casual nor a formal dress code that is why people find it challenging to pick the right ensemble. They don’t want to fill uncomfortable by being underdressed or overdressed.   Clothing choices vary from cocktail attire to a customized elegant suit.  Although a short black cocktail dress is the ideal attire for this dress code.

The dress code clothing can be cashmere, velour, satin, silk, wool crepe, sateen, velvet, gossamer, chiffon or polyester. You can wear a dress or a skirt with lengths from the knee down to the ankle. A skirt and blouse or slacks with a blouse and jacket is appropriate.  You can wear light blue, light green, peach or lemon shirts or elegant sweaters. To attend an evening wedding or dinner party you can wear black, mauve and pink. Wear slacks that are gray, black or blue with the hem reaching to the ankle. And vertical pinstripes are acceptable. You can also match a dressy top with tuxedo or slacks.

Do not wear clothes from rayon, denim or cotton. In addition, outfits that are fully wrap in rhinestones, sequins or some kind of appliqués is not acceptable. A pant suit or dress from wool other than cashmere is not adequate to be worn to a semi-formal occasion.  After choosing your outfit let us pick your comfortable shoes appropriate for the semi formal dress code. Stylish shoes, pumps, strappy sandals and medium to high heels are acceptable. The conventional footwear colors are black, brown, gray or white, but metallic are also trendy and can be matched with almost any dress color.

Complete your look that goes with the semi formal dress codeby wearing jewelry that is not too loud, but is of high quality and attractive to add chic to your attire. Stay away from dangling earrings and intricate necklaces with long chains. Instead wear stud earrings and plain necklace like a chain with a pendant or gold or silver necklace with a ring. Then you can use a black purse or one that matches your attire. You can also wear a belt but one that is not too obvious. Stockings are a must.

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