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Dress In A Prestigious Way In A Black Tie Dress Code

Black tie dress code is strictly followed on evening events. This dress code started in the 19th century where Americans and British wore formal attires on social functions. Up to this day, when there are evening events you need to follow the black tie dress code. Through the years the black tie dress code for women has greatly varied. Before when they go to a formal affair they wear below tea length or ankle length long or sleeveless evening gowns.

To add more style they would use gloves and stole. Today, women still wear long gown dresses but they can now wear knee length cocktail dresses being considered appropriate to wear on formal events. If you are invited in an event and you are expected to wear a formal wear, they will indicate it in the invitation as "black tie". In the invitation sometimes the host will indicate there as "black tie optional", then you can wear cocktail dresses or even a suit.

But if you can see in the invitation "creative black tie" this means that you can add a whimsical or trendy touch to your attire. You need to follow the dress code clothing because if you are invited in a gala and you did not wear an attire in a black tie dress code you will not be allowed or admitted to the event. If you do not want to spend much on an occasion that requires a black tie dress code you can wear a black dress and accessorize it with elegant jewelries. You then pair it with a black closed toe high heeled shoe.

When you are invited to an event that requires a casual elegant dress code, do not limit yourself to wear dresses in black color because you can also wear sleeveless or spaghetti strap long gown in burgundy, dark blue or red. If you do not want to wear an evening gown your can go on a cocktail dress code. You can opt to wear a knee length cocktail dress and wear either an open or closed toe high heeled shoes. You may carry a small attractive handbag to go along with your dress. To make you look so beautiful on a black tie dress code wear a light makeup, style your hair in a French twist or a bun, and wear bold and elegant jewelries. Remember to wear also proper undergarments for your attire.

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  1. zila hasanudin 2016/5/4 19:54:18

    i want to know more detail about black dress tie code and how i want to buy this dress?Reply

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