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Dress Accordingly In A Dress Code Smart Casual

Dress code smart casual brings confusion on what the correct attire would be for this dress code. A Dress code smart casual means that you can put together the comfort of a casual dress code to smart clothing were you can wear comfortable clothes. Smart casual wear has been known in the business world as business casual attire. Smart casual can also be worn when you attend a business conference, school activity, academia or symposiums. Dress code smart casual is a step up in wearing a business dress code considering looking professional in your own personal style and be comfortable in what you wear.

In dress code smart casual women can wear skirts, dress pants, trousers, jackets or blazers. For employees who desire to be promoted loves smart casual because this allow them to wear an attire according to their own tastes in fashion. Adhering to the professional dress code shows that you respect the companies' rules and policies. This will then be a plus to your employer or your boss because they see that you love the company that you are working with and most especially your job. For the foot wear you can wear low- heeled or mid heel shoes.

Dress code smart casual can be worn also to dinner, to a theater or to a date. You can be fashionable with smart casual by not in an office dress code for these moments. If you want to look great you can wear dresses like a mid-length dress or short skirt with neutral colors. If you want to wear denim you should wear a semi-formal top and you can add a jacket or a blazer so that you will not look too casual. For the footwear, you can wear ankle boots. For the tops, blouses, sweaters, blazers or turtle necks can be worn depending on the kind of pants that you wear. Makeup should be simple and for the jewelries you need to wear simple ones as well so that you will not look to dressy.

When you are invited to an event and it is indicated for you to wear a dress code smart casual, do not wear leather jackets with a t-shirt printed with slogans or logos. Do not also wear full length boots, canvas shoes, flip flops and high heeled shoes. When wearing a skirt is should not be mini skirt or be it too short because you would look like you are way too casual.

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