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Double Hearts Wedding Theme

Heart is the symbol of love therefore it is used to show the expression of love and affection. Generally couple present heart shape gift to each other on some specific occasion when they want to share their feelings. When a boy gives heart like gift item  such as pillow, key chain, hair band etc. to a girl it means that he is expressing his love for her without saying any words. Because it is the sign of romance and positive feeling for other party it is used frequently as marriage themes.  Double hearts wedding theme is a great idea for you if you are planning your wedding in an impressive and whimsy way. Young couple like heart wedding theme most for wedding event because they want fanatic look of the event.

hearts wedding theme

Consider what can give the hearty look to your occasion and note it then start preparation. Double hearts show the love of both partner of a couple for each other so use this shape for the arrangement of your celebration. Floral arrangement is the essential part of every occasion but you are presenting double heart image as marriage theme therefore do the setting of flowers in accordance with the theme. You have many ideas for this such as take double heart shape and paste flowers on it.

hearts wedding theme 1

Make single hearts with flower too of large size and put them at the reception. To complete the hearts wedding theme, bring roses and arrange a host at the reception. He will present rose to every guests to say thanks; the roses may be of different colors. For the cake decoration say the baker to give the shape of heart or if you take any shaped cake you can garnish it with cake topper to represent the hearts theme. In the center of the cake, make double heart use heart like chocolate on the floor of the cake or on the sides of cake.

hearts wedding theme 2

Music plays very important role to complete the impact of theme. Music wedding theme with the heartiest and classic music fascinates the participants of your marriage occasion and they really like hearts theme. You are free to select any latest music or a very old music if it is matching with your theme. You can suggest double hearts like candies as your wedding favor. The bridal gown must contain the heart shaped embroidery and in this way you complete theme.

hearts wedding theme 3

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