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Don’t Forget the Wedding Petticoat

One of the most overlooked items in a bridal ensemble is the wedding petticoat.  Petticoats are worn underneath the wedding dress, and give the wedding dresses their volume, especially when they’re of thin fabric.  Traditionally, wedding petticoats match the style and color of the wedding dress, and are constructed of several layers that ruffle to give the wedding dress their full look.  While most wedding dresses come with petticoats already sewn into them, not every dress does.  So before going out to buy a wedding petticoat, make sure you really need one. Match Your Petticoat to Your Dress Style As with the shoes, the tiara, and everything in between, you need to match your wedding petticoat to your dress.  If it’s a classic dress you’re wearing then you need to have a matching classic petticoat.  If your dress is princess-style, then show off that A-line with a petticoat that gives your dress that full look. Match Your Petticoat to Your Dress Color If you want to make an everlasting impression at your wedding, and you’re not the shy type, then consider using contrasting colors for your petticoat; otherwise, hide it by wearing the same color petticoat as the dress. Choose a Comfortable Petticoat Fabric Even more important than how the petticoat looks is how the petticoat feels.  There are so many different types of petticoats available on the market that you really have to be aware of what fabrics are being used in each petticoat you consider.  A comfortable bride is the key to a successful wedding. Shop, shop, shop Since there are so many different shapes, styles, and colors of petticoats available (all constructed of different material), you need to shop around to make sure that you find the perfect petticoat for your wedding ensemble.  That means visit all the wedding stores you can think of, look at all the different designs available then check online to find the most competitive prices. Get opinions Just because you think you look good in your petticoat, or you think it matches your wedding dress doesn’t mean that it’s the perfect petticoat for you.  Ask some friends and family, especially those with previous wedding experience what their impressions are of the petticoat you’re considering.  They might know a thing or two about how well the fabric breathes, or how it reacts to the camera’s flash.   It never hurts to get that second, third, or fourth opinion!

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