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Do you want a winter wedding theme?

There are many themes and colors that represent winter season if you think of having a winter wedding theme. For a perfect winter wedding colors such as silver and white are the most suitable. The simplicity of these colures will avoid the overdoing of colours that usually occur in some wedding settings.

Flowers can add color and a natural beauty to a winter wedding theme. The commonly used flowers for a winter theme are the likes of roses, calla lilies among others. Place a set of well arranged flowers on your reception to give a spectacular site to your guests as an introduction to what to more to expect.

It is important to plan well for other things as well to ensure they fit well in a winter wedding theme. Ensure that your honey moon is planned well as well as cocktail tasting and the wedding cake. Consider colors, invitations, decorations, food as well as the wedding dress code.

Dress code: just like in many weddings the bride can use a white gown but with silver or gold trim. Depending on the choice of the bride, some beading can also be attached to the gown to make it look glamorous. As for the men they can wear a black suit along with silver, blue or gold vests and shirts.

Honeymoon: the ideal place for a winter honeymoon theme is a private mountain cabin. There you can have a great experience as a couple where you can spend time together right by a warm fire as you treat yourselves to hot chocolate drinks and cakes. Don’t you think it is quite romantic and exciting?

Decorations: with the simple colours of silver, blue and gold, simplicity remains the key to a successful winter wedding theme. If you want to spend less on decorations then you can purchase them as early as the beginning of January when they are not on a high demand. You can them save them for your wedding day. To create a winter theme is simply like setting up a Christmas celebration. You can have trees painted white with various ornaments hanging from the branches.

Invitation cards: owing to the snowing nature of winter seasons, you can create invitations that resemble snowflakes or snowmen. You can also have those that look like a Christmas tree that glitter with many colours when opened.

And just to make a memorable exit of your winter wedding theme, you can look for a horse drawn carriage to take you as a couple off to your honey moon after the celebration. It might be quite expensive but it is worth your effort. You only need to budget for it in advance.

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