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Diving honeymoon in heat island

Heat island is located in Malaysia state coast the 45 kilometers which is from the west near the horse. It has been the government of Malaysia as Ocean Park reserves, forbid anyone in 23 sea waters in fishing and take submarine coral shellfish and other biological diving and underwater photography are encouraged of course you can swim here gliding, diving or on the island of tropical rainforest secluded spot quest.--- Diving honeymoon in heat island


Heat island has blue quiet water during from April to October sea water can be used to describe the green jade. To heat island must swim near sea and Ocean Park. In the turtle island, when you are floating in visibility more than ten meters of sea, sea world take in everything in a glance, the in the mind will produce a feeling of fear. And in the Ocean Park, in the reach of fish and sea living coral swim, you will forget everything. The submarine is growing more than 500 kinds of color profusion of the beautiful coral reefs more than 1000 kinds of bivalve biological and 3000 species of fish species attracting countless fans all over the world dive.--- Diving honeymoon in heat island

clip_image002 Music sea island Marine ecological park area contains a total size 7 island, Malaysia's the release of the government's ecological protection, therefore, careful white sand polluted water and proud leisurely and carefree fish it’s all countries cherished treasure but also because of the island shape similar to the core and before the movie Titanic romantic plot, be fond of the catalytic sea to Europe, the United States, Singapore and other tourists set on the "heart of the ocean" can be very intimate name. Surprise is not only the cleaning water, blue days, more than white sand, but toward for high coconut and clear leisurely and carefree in the continental shelf of color.--- Diving honeymoon in heat island

Feeling like that the clear sea water running all music sea island play, the sunshine music sea island secchi can reach 35 feet deep, it is no wonder that Europe and the United States diving enthusiasts very yearn for the "ocean museum", waters can see various kinds, colorful coral, all kinds of hard and soft like lovely tropical fish and other sea creatures multifarious, let a person can't help admire nature the secrets of the inoculation. In addition, each year at September will have the turtle on the island, laying on the island sea turtle reserve, let you see the turtle laying ecological miracle.--- Diving honeymoon in heat island



The typical fishing village scene is Trengganu peoples’ one big characteristic. In Marang this simple fishing village, tourists can enjoy the flickering tall coconut trees, breathing the fresh air from the ocean, general quiet beautiful port and dock on the shore order fishing boat. There is no hurry the pace, you can choose a comfortable on the shore of the shop, and watch the fishermen come back with fruitful results joy and many boxes fish moved to the shore and draw the net in picture.---Diving honeymoon in heat island

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