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Diversity of the Top Wedding Themes

Instead of having lots of wedding themes in the market there is a chance that you end up selecting a normal one leaving out the best ones but top wedding themes are always there so that you can select from the top ditching the chance of taking rather lame decision. There are themes which are related to colors only like a green, purple, blue, pink or golden theme but it is better to go for other themes like rock, retro, vintage, birds etc. and then incorporate few colors in it. Only sticking to a color will rather leave the edge out of your wedding making it common in the crowds of weddings in your town.

top wedding themes

There are few amazing themes that you don’t look for just because you don’t know about it or they don’t come in front of eyes like starry night theme, cherry blossom, shabby chic, Victorian vintage, Rose, romantic whimsical, pirate, angel, winter wonderland and rock. These all are the very top wedding themes which carries amazing amount of charisma and elegance besides you can always try one of the themes out of these and your wedding will shine out in the crowd.

top wedding themes 1

With starry night wedding theme you can give a paradise like look to your wedding through managing few things as the theme itself tells that this wedding is a night time wedding use the blue night color in décor with white flowers. Table linens could be dyed with the glow dyes which have the property to glow in the UV light and for the wedding dress you can wear a blue night colored elegant dress and you can also select a white wedding dress with a blue colored designing in it in the form of a print or lacing. You can also get your dresses printed or dyed with the glow dyes and put UV lights in the lighting to synchronize the decoration with the material used.

top wedding themes 2

Cherry blossom and shabby chic goes with the pink color while Victorian vintage focuses on feminine beauty whereas rose is a red theme. Angel and winter wonderland carries almost similar hues which are close to snow white colors. All the themes I have stated the top wedding themes which could turn around the complete atmosphere of the place giving it essence of some other place while few themes out of these can get you into a utopia of different worlds like a wonderland or paradise or a fairyland, so live it up to your wedding and visit heavens just by making one wise decision.

top wedding themes 3

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