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Disney Wedding Theme Ideas For Disney Lovers

Most of you might watch Disney movies. Disney movies are moreover appreciated by children. The Disney characters are fabulous and they are dressed up in a very amazing manner. You can think of several Disney themed wedding if you discuss it with a group of people who would attend your marriage. Whenever any visitor enters the marriage place, he should feel that he has entered a Disney land. You must discuss such Disney wedding theme ideas.

The visitors can all dress up in various animated character’s attire. If one is dressed up like a Mickey, the other one can be dressed up like a Donald. The bridesmaids can dress up in typical marriage-like attire and they may wear the masks of various animated characters. You can imitate various cartoon characters such as Mickey, Donald, tom and jerry, etc. the men can dress up in formals and wear masks of various cartoons such as Mickey, Donald, etc. The bride can typically dress up in typical bride-like attire, whereas the bridesmaids dress up in a particular way and wear masks on their heads.

Most excitedly, the wedding can take place in a castle-like building, or you can artificially create a castle so that the wedding can take place. The environment or the surroundings can be exactly created in a way that exists in a Disney Land. Or else you can even arrange for a carriage to take away the bride to the groom’s place as in Disney Land.

You can celebrate marriage outdoors and if you choose a Disney wedding theme ideas, then preferably you must decide a place outdoors. You can create various games that exists in Disney Land such as giant wheel, roller coasters, etc.

The marriage can also be solemnized indoors in various ways. The cake can be beautifully decorated and the icing can be done on top on the cake with cartoon characters. You can also place cartoon characters that are made from plastic at the side of the cake. You can decorate the dining table with various cartoon characters such as Mickey, Donald, etc. The background looks pretty and beautiful with Disney background. The marriages can take place in a very grand way and you can also celebrate your marriage in a simple way also.

You can simply solemnize your marriage with table decorations by placing various cartoon characters and presenting boxes or gifts to someone that are shaped in the form of cartoon characters.

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