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Diamond And Pearls Wedding Theme For Classy And Elegant Brides

Diamonds have always been in demand and have always looked good, either it is jewelry worn in the wedding or it is the wedding, diamonds have always looked fabulous. But now, diamonds have found their partner, pearls. Jewelry is the thing that looks very nice in the combination of diamonds and pearls. This combination also has made a diamond and pearls wedding theme, which is spreading all over the world because more and more people have started to love it and are having weddings based on it. One thing that you will not get in many wedding themes but you will get in this one is that everything can be in diamond and pearls. This is a unique yet picture perfect theme for a wedding.

The cake of this diamonds and pearls wedding theme can be of silver with pearls and diamonds on it, big fake pearls can be put in between the floors of the cake for support and also for looks; the cake can be of pink and white. A bling or fudge cake can also be a good idea. Mostly in this wedding theme, people prefer bling cakes more than any other type of cake. A fully white cake with silver color diamond sprinkles all over it, this simple process gives a lot of beauty and attractiveness to it. Another idea is to have a full silver cake with small diamonds on it and a huge one as a topper; these can be edible if possible and if not, do not eat them! A Rhinestone teardrop cake is also a good idea and can be seen all over the internet.

The dress of the bride is fantabulous and is so much better compared to any other wedding theme dress. Shiny diamonds all over the bottom part of the dress and a diamond and pearl tiara. This wedding mostly has ideas taken from elegant themes such as vintage, classy and gold wedding themes, but with a touch of beautiful pearls. So, that proves that a bling wedding dress also is a good idea. An Austrian diamond dress which has a slim waist and also fish tail tube top wedding dress along with a pair of bling bridal shoes. The jewelry worn by the bride obviously has to suit you diamonds and pearls wedding theme.

All the bracelets, necklaces and of course the rings have to be of diamonds and pearls. The hair accessories used in the wedding should go along with the diamonds and pearls wedding theme.

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