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Details To Consider When Planning For A Garden Wedding

Having a garden wedding theme does not necessarily mean that the event has to be held at the garden. You can also recreate the garden theme in any indoor setting or venue that you use. This one however will mean that you extend your wedding budget to accommodate some decorations that will be essential in portraying the garden theme effectively. As a result many couples opt to have their wedding outdoors so as to save on some cash while making use of nature and the beautiful landscape that is already in place. Depending on the season, a garden wedding theme can be accomplished during summer, autumn or spring. garden wedding theme If your own backyard garden is not big enough to accommodate the guests,(or for some reason is not good enough) you can always rent a garden.  Hotel venues with gardens, botanical gardens and even parks are some of the great locations to host your nuptials. Before you start on the color preparations, I urge you to first find the venue you wish for and make a visit to whether your plan can fit in or not. There are many people that prefer getting married at gardens so it is advisable to make reservations of your venue way ahead of time so as to prevent last minute rash. The venue is the first step to fulfilling a garden wedding theme.  It is only after a prior visit that you will be able to make decisions about the decorations, sitting arrangements and reception matters. The bridal attire is another thing that must be considered when planning for a garden wedding theme. I am sure that every bride wants to keep their wedding gown whether rented or bought in good condition. Consequently, avoid floor length wedding gowns as such lengths only increases the chances of it getting grass stains. If wearing a Cinderella-like gown was your ultimate choice, then ensure that the train is detachable. Have one of your maids hold the train for you as you make your way to the altar. Afterwards, remove the train and put it back on for some photographs. Weather can be difficult to predict so ensure that you always have a substitute plan incase it gets too windy or if it starts to rain. Such may include having make shift tents at a stone throw distance. Be prepared for the worse but hope for the best.

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