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Decoration for the Garden Wedding Theme

While looking for an inspiration to stage your wedding around a theme, you do not have to go farther than the garden area of your home.  Grass, trees and Gazebo are enough to inspire you to arrange garden wedding theme. You can make your day elaborate by choosing the colours of outdoor greenery in the garden themes for weddings. Along with green, you can use red and orange which shows a sunny and bright day.  Additionally, the kites, hanging lanterns, candle lights and ribbons can be used for decorating the venue. Glow of candles  give the feel of beautiful sunset.

Here is all about the decoration for garden wedding theme:
  1. Personalised Garden Sign A garden sign  as a part of wedding decoration gives a personal touch to the garden. It can be made to stand in soft green grass or on soil. You can either choose the traditional black and white garden sign or ornate sign in French grey. The garden sign can be personalised with the message of your preference. You can also use the garden sign as a favour for your nature loving friends and family members.
  2. Wooden Letters To add fun to the garden wedding theme, you can use the vibrant and colourful wooden letters as decoration on the centre tables and also at the wedding reception stage. The wooden letters can spell names or expression that you choose. Colour, font and size , which relates to the wooden letters can be personalized.
  3. Flower Pots A garden wedding theme is incomplete without using the flower pots. Instead of using the traditional flower pots you can order the personalized flower pots with your choice of number on it. With a bit of imagination, you can come up with idea such as filling the pot with goodies in place of flower plants.
  4. Lanterns Designer lanterns if used in garden wedding theme, creates a striking atmosphere. The lanterns look particularly stunning in outdoor weddings. To compliment the ambiance of the evening, you can decorate the garden with intermittently shaped, doomed shaped or rectangular shaped wooden lanterns. You can also use the metallic lanterns.
  5. Buntings While you think of garden wedding theme, consider using colorful buntings made of wood or paper. You can celebrate the themed wedding in true British style by choosing the traditional handmade buntings to decorate the wedding venue. You can get the bunting in your specific size and design.


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