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Decor Suggestions for Tropical Themed Weddings

You have decided on a tropical themed wedding and while you are asking your friends about the decoration, they are coming up all the ideas which are a bit cheesy to your liking. You do not like those ideas much as you want the decor to be elegant and fun and you want to shop for seashells and tropical flowers in abundance.

Well, not to deny that your idea of decor material for tropical themed weddings is just great and you are on the right track. Here are our suggestions for decor in addition to yours: Use Bamboo Products While you think of setting the stage on tropical themed weddings, you can pick and use lots of bamboo products such as bamboo arbours, bamboo aisle runners and bamboo teepees. Lay Down the Carpet Do not go wrong here by thinking of famous red carpet to be used in tropical themed weddings. Red carpet is more suitable for weddings which are based on Hollywood themes including the Hollywood movies and Hollywood award distribution nights. Since your wedding theme is tropical so you must choose the white colour carpet. The white carpet laid on a wedding to be celebrated on the beach looks stunningly beautiful and elegant. Shop for the Basics Do you know the basic decor material which you cannot avoid at tropical themed weddings? Well, let us tell you. Lot of tropical flowers, colourful wedding umbrellas, the wedding parasols for bridesmaid, little attractive flags, fairy lighting and buffet baskets are some must to have decor for tropical weddings. Collect the Essential Tit-Bits How can you ignore the essentials as seashells and wedding bells on tropical themed weddings? Collect these essential and mould them into beautiful designs. Use your art pieces to decorate the venue. You can also use seashells to make bridal bouquet.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories Well, this point is not about the wedding decoration but it is important as well as it is the themed dresses which complement and completes the weddings based on theme. For tropical weddings, you can choose the floral and printed dresses for bridesmaid. Pant, short, tuxedos are favoured for beach side ceremonies. For accessories, you can pick garland made from seashells, flowers, fresh green and yellow leaves. Garlands can be worn on head, wrist, ankles, neck and wrist. You can also use garlands to acknowledge your guests who turn up at your event.

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