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Damask Wedding Theme - A Fast Emerging Fashion

First thing first, exception is compulsory that the excellent idea of a damask wedding theme is going to emerge as a fashion for weddings that is going to be one of the most unusual wedding themes. The excellent both side prints is not anymore only for any clothing material. Damask can be put as an attractive and eye catching design that can be put on anything including wedding cakes, paper lamps and many more things. Weddings starts with invitations sent to guests that will come to the wedding. Damask can also be put on this too. Black damask on simple white paper looks very beautiful. The damask gives a simple invitation on a simple white paper look extremely cool and eye catching. it will be one of the unique wedding invitations. The dress can come in either light or heavy damask designing. In most damask weddings the bride prefers a white gown with feathers and roses on the bottom. White is preferred more than any other color because black damask is the best of any color damask you can get. Extremely heavy damask on the gown makes the bride look like an angel but without wings. The groom can wear a white suit with very light black damask on it and a simple black tie. The table cloths also can be white with round black damask. The chairs also can have dark colored cushions with some damask on it. The table numbers also can have damask on top of the number. The aisle can have damask on its borders and the bride can walk in the middle of the damask on both sides of the aisle carpet. The lamps and lights can be covered with a damask designed paper cutting so that it can project the damask design in a particular area of the room wherever you want. The cake is the thing which is most stunning when damask is put on it. There are two flavors of cake that are most used and preferred in all wedding themes including damask wedding theme, those two flavors are vanilla and chocolate, here both are combined to create damask made of icing. Chocolate icing on a vanilla cake is more famous but vanilla icing on a chocolate cake also isn't much behind in the list.The hanging point of the chandelier can be designed with damask. The candles kept on the candelabras and also the candelabras itself can be fully or partially designed by damask.

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