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Fallen leaves and leaves changing color on trees is one of the aspects that make a fall themed wedding so magnificent. For this reason it is best to plan the ceremony outdoors. The best part about these wedding themes is the vast types of décor that can be used however; they should without a doubt be in sync with the theme. Fall flowers are in plenty during this season. Take advantage of the colored leaves to accentuate your floral arrangement. Yellow, red, orange, brown and green are a must have for the flowers and other décor.  By the way, this assorted arrangement of flowers used as bouquets blend in very well with dress colors such as purple and orange. Make wreaths out of seeded eucalyptus to hang on the sides of benches during the vow ceremony or to adorn the trees. Another good way to decorate the outdoors is to wrap a white satin fabric over branches of 2 close trees. This will be your altar for the day. Light strings are not only for Christmas festivities so light up your fall themed wedding. Simply let the strings drape over trees or make beautiful patterns on them. For an elegant finish, incorporate fabric in to this combination. These light strings can be custom made to suit your theme color. Making use of silk leaves for centerpieces is a great idea. However this is not an easy to do task as designing gourd and pumpkins so seek help from a professional florist. This way you are sure the leaves will not scrunch up or start to crack before your big day. This décor is so beautiful because it has little bit of everything all in one package. There is pumpkin motif, votive candles and the silk leaves. You will love this one. Gone are the days when every table had the same decorations. With a fall themed wedding, you can use pumpkins and gourds of different sizes, colors and designs, flowers, candles and fresh fruits like apples and grapes to garnish your tables. Since those items are easily accessible and cheap make several designs out of them. The cake embellishments that suit a fall themed wedding include wheat stalks and lady apples. Instead of the usual flower boutonniere for the men, why not accessorize their suits with acorns or pine cones? Polish the look by wrapping a classy ribbon on the small stem.

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