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Creative & Innovative Tropical Wedding Themes

Tropical wedding themes can be of great fun if they are performed on islands. You can use your creative and innovative minds to make your tropical wedding themes truly memorable.

As far as decoration is concerned for tropical wedding themes you need to first start from colors and colors can be bright and bold tropical colors. Pink colors combined with burnt orange gives very beautiful tropical feeling or you can add a combination of deep sea blue color with green colors. The bride and the groom can wear traditional tropical gear for their wedding and you can create bridesmaids dresses with sashes of brown tropical colors. Another best idea for tropical wedding themes is to get your wedding invitation themes card printed in tropical colors which leave your guests happy and surprised. You can even use tropical-colored napkins over the tables.

As far as favors are concerned for a tropicalwedding theme you can surprise your guest with palm-leaf shaped fans as favors.These straw fans not only look beautiful but add a different feel to your tropical wedding themes.  Your guests can also use them as hand-fans if it is a hot summer season. You can also gift your guests with a pack of sea shells or sea shell candles or you can gift them with a pack of lip balms and sun Screen Ocean as it is a tropical wedding theme.

You can celebrate your tropical wedding theme with steel drum bands and give your wedding a touch of Caribbean style.Tropical weddings when celebrated with steel drum bands create distinctive beats and rhythms which will make your guests dance to these beautifultunes.  You can hire a nearby local steel drum band which proves to be cost effective. You can also play Hawaiian music if you want.  

If it is a tropical wedding theme you can serve your guests with drinks in tropical fruits like pineapple. You can serve cocktails and mock tails both as signature drinks for your wedding.  Serving your guests with delicious sea foodlike shrimps or tropical salad is another good idea for a tropical wedding theme.

The best thing about a tropical wedding is that it can be done very easily and with very less amount of money. You only have toplan your wedding in the months of summer and there is no need to go to an island if your budget is less. You can create a tropical theme in an out door garden.

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