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Creative and Fabulous Masquerade Wedding Theme

How much you can use your creativity is the base of masquerade wedding theme because this theme is only the result of art. Make your occasion full of fun by adopting the booming idea like using mask. This idea is suitable for all types of weddings either seasonal or conceptual marriage ceremony. First decide which type of masks you will use such as festive style bordering on a ball-style mystery of the “Titanic” or you may select any concept of your like. Once you decide your remaining work becomes easy and you get unusual wedding themes that are too much appreciated by your guests. If you keep the option of participation of guest they will enjoy more. You can select only asking guests to wear masks or to say them to wear complete costume related to the theme.

masquerade wedding theme

Enchanting and beautiful color scheme is the secret of a cool marriage occasion. Use vibrant color for jewelry used in the mask which you are going to prepare for bride and groom as well as for the guests. Add the metallic look of silver and gold to enhance the beautiful impact of masquerade wedding theme. Wedding venue has great importance if you give any popular theme’s impact in your marriage it is better such as Hamlet and Romeo and Joliet etc. Prepare many masquerades for guests of different colors and decoration. You can use pearl, flower and metallic stones in the bride and groom’s mask to make lovelier.

masquerade wedding theme 1

Theme wedding dresses for masquerade may be of the traditional look and color whereas you can select a latest design for bridal couple as well as bridesmaid and groomsmen. You have an option too regarding masks that say your guests to bring their own masquerades according to their choice and guide them the site from where you are going to buy because you are planning to provide masks your guests. The mask and the bouquets may have same color of all bridesmaids and the same idea you can apply for the bride’s corsage too.

masquerade wedding theme 2

Prepare centerpieces consisted on the plumes to give the nearest image of the wedding theme. The other options for decoration pieces are masks, feathers and candles for the making of centerpieces. You can plan wedding favor of the same form such as you can get prepare the mask shape chocolate and pack into small bags or boxes and present in the end of the event to every guest.

masquerade wedding theme 3

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