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Creating A Green Wedding Theme

Green is a soft color that can be used any time throughout the year. There are many green wedding theme ideas that can be used whether it is the main color scheme or the accent. The first thing to do to introduce the green color is through wedding card invitations. You can use light green cards or dark green printing, green envelop seals, and shades of green border. As for the attires, use green coats for the ushers, flower girls and green tuxedo for the ring bearer. The bride or the maid of honor can have a green sash. As for the centerpieces and candles, you can use the green color and green ribbons to decorate down the aisle.

If you want to have a green wedding theme, you should consider having a background that has a natural color. For instance, you can consider doing them at golf courses, outdoor with green backgrounds, hedge mazes, city parks and botanical gardens. These great locations will provide a beautiful contrast in the photographs. As for the food, you can go ahead and have green ingredients, such as spinach with salads, bowls of lime and green apples, pesto sauces, other green foods, green chocolate candies, pastel mints and green foiled wrapped chocolates.

When it comes to the wedding cake in a green wedding theme, do not miss this. Adding beautiful green wedding theme to the wedding cake such as using greenery, green flowers, green icing and putting a green tint inside the cake. As for the jewellery, the bride’s maid and the brides can use emerald, period, jade, malachite topaz, tourmaline and green diamonds as for the couple that wants to ease on the budget, and you can use several shades of green cubic zirconium synthetic gems or other cheap crystals.

Green color goes well with rich rainbow colors such as deep red, pinks, burgundies, violets and royal purple hues. When choosing the green color for your green wedding theme, you must ensure that it matches with the green color of the season. Light pastel green is great, while a green summer wedding theme will look great with brighter and bold shades or green color. Fall weddings will look great with sage or any dark green decorative. Ensure that the green color contrasts well with your skin color, other green patterns and shades of green that you will decide to use.

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