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Crazy Wedding Themes For People Who Like To Do Things Differently

Being crazy is all about letting all your ideas out and create a wedding theme of your own imagination, creativeness and the best part that people like is that you can name your wedding theme. There are billions of people in the world, that makes billions of minds and that makes billions of ideas. All of them cannot be mentioned, so below will be mentioned the ones that are most famous. Many of these crazy wedding themes are of famous cartoons and fiction movies.

1) Star Trek Wedding theme

Star trek has been one of the biggest hits of Hollywood of all time, so according to some crazy people, ‘why don’t we have a crazy wedding theme based on this movie’. The aisle, which the bride will walk down, is usually surrounded by star trek characters giving her a salute or pulling their weapons out to protect. The cake can be in the shape of the space ship. Decorations also can be related to the movie. Miniature characters of the movie can be kept as center pieces or just for decoration.

2) Harry Potter wedding theme

Another movie inspired theme, this theme has many more creative ideas than the then mentioned above but is less famous. Everything can have a touch of Harry Porter; this is because the movie itself is so creative that everything themed on it also becomes creative. The cupcakes can have a cream-made wizard hat, which is eatable. Waiters can be wearing clothes of some characters with a magical flying stick. The cake can also have some touch with toppers of the couple in wizard’s clothes. The cake also can be in the shape of a castle i.e. Harry Porter’s school, Hogwarts School. Many other things can be taken from Harry Porter, center-pieces and decorations are fantabulous in this wedding theme.

3) Mario wedding theme  This is one of those crazy wedding themes, which is not from a movie, but from a famous video game. Nothing much can be done in such unique wedding themes. The cake can be something in which the game can be put on. Puppets of Mario and other game characters can be kept for decoration and also for children’s entertainment. Some Mario toys and also video games can be kept on a TV surrounded by Mario decorations. The couple can wear the shoes that are worn by Mario himself. For kids, some tunnels can also be made just for play and these Mario tunnels also look nice for crazy wedding themes fun activities.

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