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Cozy and Pleasant Couple Wedding Shower Themes

Wedding shower is about blessing the couple getting married however in some cases the wedding shower is bridal shower only leaving out the groom which I feel is a bit rude with the groom because it is not only bride but groom is equally important in the wedding like a bride. After bridal showers only now this new concept has come in where couple wedding shower is done and groom also collects best wishes for his upcoming life along with the bride. Selecting a theme from many couple wedding shower themes  available is however tricky job as you have to take care of likes and dislikes of both bride and groom and want them feel blessed with best wishes at their wedding shower.

couple wedding shower themes

There are various ideas of couple wedding shower themes like a beach wedding shower, bowling wedding shower, yoga wedding shower, spa shower and the wine and cheese tasting shower. These themes tell us that wedding shower is not just about giving away gifts but it is the preparation of wedding as in the spa shower you can offer massage and other body treatments to the couple while same goes for the yoga shower and at the other hand you can be playful with the bowling shower whereas beach wedding shower could also be fun.

couple wedding shower themes 1

There are few things you need to stick on at the day of wedding shower like you need to keep it simple and make sure that you don’t run out of your budget as the main focus should be marriage while the couple wedding shower is just start up. You don’t have to offer a wedding like dinner at the wedding shower however offering a toast, drink and a bite size sandwiches and snacks is a good idea.

couple wedding shower themes 2

The main focus of the  wedding theme should remain on adding games as you got to make it fun and for that in a bowling themed wedding shower you can add bowling while same goes for all other kinds of themes but make sure that games are playful and enjoyable by the couple together. The games shouldn’t be separate for boys and girls they should be normal in nature for both genders. Keep the wedding shower simple but make sure to add your personal touch in it by decorating few places with your art however add details by providing cakes and fruity desserts to the guests while your challenge should be making the couple happy and that’s it.

couple wedding shower themes 3

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